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“The National Drumline Camp is one of the most rewarding events I have been involved in.

Since 2013, I’ve not only worked with some of my own heroes from the international drumming community, but have also been lucky enough to help some first time drummers get their start in the world of Drumline – there are few things in the world as rewarding as this!

Below are some photos and videos of previous camps. For me, it’s a trip down memory lane. For you, it’s a chance to get a bit more of an insight into what to expect at the incredible event. I hope to see you featured on this page soon!”

Campbell Phillips,
Founder + Lead Instructor


The 2018 National Drumline Camp once again featured Ralph Nader. Ralph’s previous visits to the Australia for the camp quickly cemented his role in the event and all the attendees who worked with Ralph in the past noted his friendly, kind, and inspirational approach to education. 2018 was no different!

This years’ camp had one of the youngest average ages we have ever had at the National Drumline Camp. It is always exciting and incredibly fulfilling to have the opportunity to work with the next generation of young drummers. 

We actually had so much fun this year that we decided to cut together this super fun little “recap” video rather than roll with the typical photo gallery. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it!


Our 2018 National Drumline Camp Instructor team featured:

Ralph Nader (USA) | Campbell Phillips | John Solli  | Harry Potocnik

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After welcoming Ralph Nader to Australian shores in 2014, it only made sense to invite Harvey Thompson – Ralph’s partner in crime at BYOS – to join us in 2016. Harvey is the Drumline Director at NC A&T University and has created one of the most highly respected HBCU Drumline programs in the world.

Harvey’s unique approach to Drumline education was an eye opening experience for all of the attendees at the 2016 Camp and his “freestyle” approach to visuals and stick tricks brought a whole new flavour to the 2016 camp.


Our 2016 National Drumline Camp Instructor team featured:

Harvey Thompson (USA) | Campbell Phillips | John Solli | Paul Cox | Kyle Davis | James Chong


The 2015 National Drumline Camp featured and all-Australian instructor team based on the success our local instructors had with their individual groups in previous camps. Campbell Phillips had also recently completed a US/European tour with the Blue Devils International Drum Corps which helped take him develop and oversee the most comprehensive education program since the first National Drumline Camp in 2012.

We were also excited to welcome back previous camp attendees James Chong (2014), and John Solli (2012) as instructors for the 2015 event. Both James and John had gone on to build their drumline experience and develop excellence in education. This experience plus their backgrounds as attendees of the camp in previous years gave them a unique perspective and understanding of the best way to serve our campers and take the 2015 camp to the next level!

Our 2015 National Drumline Camp Instructor team featured:

Campbell Phillips | John Solli | Paul Cox | Kyle Davis | James Chong

Twenty fourteen

Following the success of the 2013 camp and the incredible support offered by D’Addario Australia, we were honoured to welcome Ralph Nader as a feature instructor in 2014. Ralph followed up a highly successful DCI career with the Blue Devils by partnering with Harvey Thompson to create BYOS, a movement that quickly became a YouTube sensation thanks to Ralph and Harvey’s unique approach to marching snare drumming. 

Ralph’s ability to fuse his revolutionary visual vocabulary with his Drum Corps chops and dexterity proved to be an exciting and engaging aspect of this camp.

It is exciting to note that a number of first time campers from 2014 also went on to continue their drumline careers around the country including:

  • James Chong who went on to establish the Perth Thundercorps Drumline
  • Moana Manu who went on to tour and perform with the D²Drumline on Bass Drum
  • and Harry Potocnick who eventually became Lead Snare of the D²Drumline and an instructor on future camps.


Our 2014 National Drumline Camp Instructor team featured:

Ralph Nader (USA) | Campbell Phillips | Stephen Liew | Kyle Davis

Twenty Thirteen

It would be an understatement to say that 2013 was an important year for both the National Drumline Camp and the D²Drumline. Featuring our first International Artist, we were lucky to secure the one and only Scott Johnson. Scott is the single most successful instructor in DCI History and is caption head of the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps, winners of 19 World Championship Titles.

Scott’s personal awards awards include:

  • 17 D.C.I. Gold medal championships,
  • 14 D.C.I. High Percussion titles,
  • 2 W.G.I. Gold medal championships,
  • 3 DCA Gold medal championships,
  • 2 DCA High Percussion titles,
  • 10 DCE championships, nine DCE High Percussion titles,
  • 10 High Percussion titles in Japan,
  • 1977 D.C.I. & P.A.S. Individual Snare champion.
  • DCI Hall Of Fame, WGI Hall Of Fame, and World Drum Corps Hall Of Fame member.

Scott’s incredible reputation as a performer and educator attracted drummers and percussionists from all over Australia and even New Zealand with out friends from the NZ Drumline making the journey to Melbourne to join us for this amazing camp.

The huge success of the 2012 camp proved that the National Drumline Camp was a highly successful model for education and establish the event as an important annual event.

Our 2013 National Drumline Camp Instructor team featured:

Scott Johnson (USA) | Campbell Phillips | Stephen Liew | Paul Cox | Kyle Davis | Mark Spence

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