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Following the success of the 2013 camp and the incredible support offered by D’Addario Australia, we were honoured to welcome Ralph Nader as a feature instructor in 2014. Ralph followed up a highly successful DCI career with the Blue Devils by partnering with Harvey Thompson to create BYOS, a movement that quickly became a YouTube sensation thanks to Ralph and Harvey’s unique approach to marching snare drumming. 

Ralph’s ability to fuse his revolutionary visual vocabulary with his Drum Corps chops and dexterity proved to be an exciting and engaging aspect of this camp.

It is exciting to note that a number of first time campers from 2014 also went on to continue their drumline careers around the country including:

  • James Chong who went on to establish the Perth Thundercorps Drumline
  • Moana Manu who went on to tour and perform with the D²Drumline on Bass Drum
  • and Harry Potocnick who eventually became Lead Snare of the D²Drumline and an instructor on future camps.

Our 2014 National Drumline Camp Instructor team featured:

Ralph Nader (USA) | Campbell Phillips | Stephen Liew | Kyle Davis

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