A full timetable will be released to camp attendees 1 week before the camp including all music and final details

Upon arrival at National Drumline Camp, attendees will be divided up into skill based ensembles by the camp instructors. These groups will be used to form a drumline which will remain together for the duration of the camp with a dedicated instructor looking after them for the duration of the weekend. Each group will have their own piece to learn and perform (ie. Wildebeast for example below) as well as a massed cadence which all groups will play together in a huge 40-60 piece drumline.

Instructors work hard to make sure that these ensembles are at an appropriate standard for the individuals involved in each group. We’ll go slower for those with slightly less experience, and dial it up to 10 for those looking for a challenge.

In addition to rehearsals and practice with their specific group, every group is given the opportunity to rehearse in the Massed Drumline with the professional D²Drumline as well as personal practice time/sectionals with the help of their assigned instructor.

This formula has worked wonders since 2012 and we’ve seen amazing results in previous camps.



Example Timetable


The following is an example timetable based on Day 2 of a previous Camp.

All attendees at the National Drumline Camp will have the opportunity to work with their own dedicated instructor as well as our Featured Instructor and other guests instructors throughout the weekend. 

Attendees who have purchased an Instructor Pack will spend their evenings in Q&A sessions with our instructor team and have the option of attending additional workshops and masterclasses throughout the weekend. 


 8:00amBreakfast (Provided)
 9:00amWarmups / Stretches
 9:15am Session 1 – Harry Potocnik (1hr 45min)
  Drumline 101
Warmups / Technical Development
Begin Chart 1: Wildebeast
 11:00amMorning Tea (Provided)
 11:15amSession 2 – Harry Potocnik (1hr 45min)
  Sectionals with Harry
Personal Practice when not in sectionals
 1:00pm Lunch (Provided)
 2:00pmSession 3 – Ralph Nader (2hr 00min)
  Visual and Chart Development with Ralph Nader
 4:00pmAfternoon Tea (Provided)
 4:15pmSession 4 with Line 2 – Harry Potocnik and Campbell Phillips (1hr 30)
  Rehearse Massed Cadence with Line 2
 5:45pmMove instruments to Massed Formation
 6:00pmMassed Session – All Lines/All Instructors
  Massed Warmups
Each Line to play their piece with D2
All Lines join to play through Massed Cadence
(return instruments to original area after massed run)
 7:15pmDinner (Provided)
 8:15pmFree Time/Personal Practice
  Games room, Indoor soccer/basketball, Movie
Instructors Available to help with Personal Practice (optional)
 10:30pmLights Out – School Age Participants