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Previous Camps

Previous Camps

Check out some of the great photos and videos from our previous camps as well as our instructors and other Drumline events.

National Drumline Camp 2013

In 2013, we were lucky enough to host Scott Johnson. Scott is the single most successful Drumline instructor in DCI History. He is the current Caption Head of the Blue Devils who recently set a new world record at the 2014 DCI World Championships with a final score of 99.65. Check out the great solo from Scott’s masterclass at the 2013 National Drumline Camp as well as some of the great photos from last year’s camp below.

The 2013 National Drumline Camp was held at Gillwell Park, Gembrook and hosted nearly 60 percussionists from around Australia as well as our New Zealand friends, the Auckland Regional Drumline.

National Drumline Camp 2012

The 2012 National Drumline Camp was the first camp of its kind in Australia. We were incredibly lucky to receive the support of Evans, Promark, Optimum Percussion and the Drumline Association of Australia to help make this camp possible. The event was held at the Golden Valley Lodge in Flinders and hosted nearly 40 percussionists between the ages of 12-50+.